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Using techniques like fusion and textured by chasing and repoussé, we attempt to create jewelry that is inspired by nature’s forms. We integrate shapes, textures and images from celestial objects and plants into our works. Many of our works show the vivid contrast of black and gold which is accomplished by fusing gold onto oxidized sterling silver. Some of the most dramatic pieces often times reflect asymmetry and combine multiples of concave oval forms where the repetition creates unique and lush patterns. With our re-interpretation of nature’s forms and our own imagination, we intend to create new ‘life’ and visualization in our works. We mostly use precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver. Also, materials like iron, meteorites, gems and precious stones are used to fully express and complete our works. From the first design sketch to the last finishing touch, Tiara and I work as a team on every piece that comes out of our studio.

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